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7 Steps to Franchise Your Business

1. Franchise Feasibility

We will have a complimentary initial consultation with you to determine if your business is ready to be franchised. This meeting also involves an explanation of federal and state franchise legal requirements. After the consultation we will prepare a flat fee proposal for your franchising project.

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2. Meeting to Gather Information and Make Decisions

After you hire us, we will meet with you to gather information to be included in the Franchise Disclosure Document we will create for you. We will also help you make decisions about the terms and conditions of the Franchise Agreement and ancillary contracts we will prepare for you.

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3. Create New Business Entity

We will create your new business entity (usually a limited liability company or corporation) to operate as the franchisor for your new franchise system.

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4. Trademark Registration

We will give you advice about the strengths or weaknesses of your current trademarks and service marks from a legal viewpoint. We will prepare and submit a federal trademark registration application for your principal mark.

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5. Franchise Document Preparation and Review

We will prepare your initial Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement and related documents. After you review them to make sure they meet your needs, we will work together to finalize the documents.

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6. State Franchise Registrations

Several states require that you register your franchise offering before you may offer franchises in those states. The registration process varies from state to state. We will prepare and submit your registration applications in your target states.

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7. Sales Compliance Training

We will provide franchise sales compliance training (including written materials) for you and members of your staff to help you ensure compliance with state and federal franchise sales laws. You will then be ready to offer and sell franchises!

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